Intelligent Interfaces for Ubiquitous and Smart Learning

SmartLearn  Workshop @ ACM IUI 2017


New technologies are changing the way we learn and teach. Emerging technologies such as social semantic web, cloud computing, and the growing popularity of mobile devices, embedded devices and adaptive context-aware technologies are leading to a paradigm shift in the way educational services are provided towards a “smart learning”.

Through technologies and approaches such as ubiquitous learning, mobile learning, adaptive learning systems, technology-enhanced learning becomes adaptable, personalized, flexible, and suitable to meet diverse and rapidly changing learner needs, technologies and environments while opening unprecedented possibilities for education.

The “Intelligent Interfaces for Ubiquitous and Smart Learning” workshop aims to bring together researchers from industry and academia to address the challenges of the intelligent user interfaces and smart learning fields, discuss new ideas and present their research to the scientific community in order to enhance the methodologies and techniques for intelligent learning environments for the 21st century.

The proceedings of the Workshop are available in the ACM Digital Library  ACM Digital Library